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THURSDAY Sept 26 2019.


$13 for Davedi members,
Ladies Auxiliary members

President’s Message

My Dear Members,

A big thank you goes out to Sandro Cipparrone and Angela Johnston and the entire Davedi staff for their outstanding work through the year. Their commitment and dedication are very much appreciated.

Vince Orlando

Ladies Auxiliary

Autumn is just around the corner, bringing with it brisk, cooler weather, splendid fall colours, and many activities here at the Davedi Club. Our Davedi Ladies Auxiliary is gearing up for a busy fall.
We continue with our regular and much looked forward to Spaghetti Suppers (please mark these dates on your calendar). Please take a break from cooking and join us: September 22nd., October 27th., & November 24th.

The month of October will find some of our lady members travelling to Sault Ste. Marie for the Annual Ladies’ Convention on the 18th, 19th and 20th of the month. This is a cherished time, a time of celebration and reunion, looked forward to all year long. I wish for all involved to have a safe and enjoyable weekend of travel and camaraderie! Happy Autumn, everyone!

L’autunno è proprio dietro l’angolo, portando con sé un clima frizzante, un clima più fresco, splendidi colori autunnali e molte attività qui al Davedi Club.

Continuiamo con le nostre cene di spaghetti regolari e molto attese, prenditi pausa dalla cucina e venite a mangiare! (Per eliminare confusione, segnate queste date sul i vostri calendari) 22 settembre, 27 ottobre e 24 novembre.

Il mese di ottobre troverà alcune delle nostre donne che viaggiano a Sault Ste. Marie per la Convention annuale il 18, 19 e 20 del mese. Questo tempo prezioso, e un momento di celebrazione e riunione, atteso con impazienza tutto l’anno. Spero che tutti che viaggiano abbiano una fine di settimana divertente, piacevole e senza preoccupazione. Buon autunno a tutti!

Nancy Connor
Ladies Auxiliary President


Verdi Choir. Starting September 29. See attached information Italian movies for many different tastes: Reserve the dates: November 15, The Magic Flute (Opera). January 17th Flowers of St Francis (Religious). Jan 24th Spartacus (classic adventure), plus roasted chestnuts.

Sandro Cipparone and Benito Zimbalatti,



We hope that our members and their families have had a safe and pleasant summer. As we get back into our fall routines, we hope that it includes regular attendance to our monthly meetings! These meetings are family friendly and have been for quite some time.

Member involvement and participation is the lifeline of The Club. Thousands of hours are spent every year volunteering, to help grow our club. Get involved in a committee, propose ideas, ask questions, encourage a friend or family member, run for a director position! The club is what our members make it. It’s a proud Italian Canadian establishment that will continue to promote OUR culture in our community. It can never be lost so long as our members continue to be involved.

Giuseppe Delfino,

Ways and Means

Grape Stomping

Join our Annual Grape Stomping Celebration on Friday, October 18th, 2019 at the Davedi Club. Following our famous buffet style dinner enjoy a traditional Italian parade, join us on stage to try stomping the grapes, and dance the night away.

Cocktails 5:30 Buffet Dinner 6:30 Vendemmia Parade Dance: 9:00 pm
For information and tickets please drop into the club or call 705.474.4190

Domenic Muratore,



Frank Ricciuti & Robert Perrotta


The Bocce Court has been completed and is ready for use. Thank you Giuseppe Delfino, for spearheading this project and everyone who helped with making this project a success. After a very positive regular season, the Davedi men’s soccer team fell short in the semi-final game of the playoffs. We look forward to coming back stronger for next season. Forza Davedi.

Anthony Nucara,

Up-coming events at the Davedi Club

  • Friday lunch, every FridayFriday lunch, every
  • Friday Sept 22 Spaghetti Supper
  • Sept 26 General Meeting
  • Oct 8 Ladies Auxiliary Meeting 
  • Oct 18 Grape Stomping 
  • Oct 24 General Meeting 
  • Oct 27 Spaghetti Supper
  • November 2 and 3 Davedi Craft Show 
  • November 12 Ladies Auxiliary Meeting 
  • Dec 1 Bake sale 

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