Giuseppe Delfino


Giuseppe Delfino values his volunteer work with the Davedi Club for its important connections with his own historical and cultural roots.

Giuseppe loves history and family connections. He can count himself a third generation Canadian through his mother Mary (Zimbalatti), the daughter of Giuseppe and Antonietta Zimbalatti who immigrated from Santo Stefano in Aspromonte. He is also a second generation Canadian through his father Nino Delfino, an inspirational immigrant from the same village. Giuseppe and his brother Nicolas (Jessica) and sister Melissa (Scott) grew up on the oral history of immigration hardships and triumphs of determined work with examples from his grandparents’ lives and connections to families Defino, Zimbalatti, Suraci and Nucara. He talks about Italian immigrants determined to build their own church (St Rita) in 1902 where they could be active parishioners. Proud Italians started their own social and networking centre 66 years ago…the Davedi Club. Giuseppe values time that is spent with family, in particular helping with miscellaneous jobs in the garden, making wine and tomato sauce. He enjoys travelling and frequently visits extended family in Santo Stefano.


Giuseppe was born in North Bay. He speaks four languages fluently, two by upbringing (Italian and Stefanito dialect), two by schooling (French elementary and English secondary). He has a mechanical engineering degree from University of Ottawa and uses his languages daily in his work and social life. He is licensed to practice in Quebec and Ontario. He started his career at Piotrowski Consultants in North Bay then went to Tembec (now Rayonier Advanced Materials) where he was involved in the construction of a state of the art cogen plant. Currently working for the MTO as a project engineer, he finds the planning, design and project management process fascinating.

Giuseppe values his volunteer work with the Davedi Club for his personal feelings of offering service with a self-effacing and humble heart. He turns his hand to anything, whether it involves cleaning tables at the Grape Stomping Festival or taking minutes for a finance meeting, or adding his ideas for the Club as a Director.

Another fundamental reason he values the Davedi Club is the opportunity to enjoy close friendships with like-minded people. Whether it is on the Davedi Club men’s soccer team, playing scopa, meeting the Italian Women’s Curling Team, or cheering the Italian Azzurri in televised international soccer games Giuseppe lives his St. Joseph-Scollard Hall motto ”Win with humility, lose with pride”.

Giuseppe encourages people who are interested in Italian heritage and pride, or who just enjoy great Italian food and company, to join the Davedi Club. Let’s play bocce!

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