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January 2017


Jan 26, 2017


$13 per person
Please call the office to advise if you will be attending the dinner and meeting.


My Dear Members,

We closed out 2016 with a fantastic New Year’s Eve party. It was well attended and everyone had a great time. The meal was excellent and the service was outstanding. Thanks to our staff for a job well done.
I wish everyone a prosperous and healthy 2017.


Vince Orlando,
President Davedi Club

Greetings to all:

My message for the beginning of our new year is to compliment our ladies who never seem to stop. At our general meeting this week, when I took a good look at our members, I felt nothing but pride. They gave their reports on spaghetti suppers, bake sales, craft sale, individual board positions, opinions, discussions and the more I listened, the more proud I was.

No one was looking for anything special, but I just want them to know that THEY ARE SPECIAL.
Thank you ladies from

Lena Fedeli,
Ladies Auxiliary to the Davedi Club President

Upcoming Culture Committee Events

January 27 6p.m. On the Big Davedi Screen “A Fistful of Dollars” (Un pugno di dollari). Pizza meal $10.00. This is the first Italian spaghetti Western, with Clint Eastwood and haunting music by Ennio

February 10 Chestnuts and Stories. Italian finger food and all you can eat chestnuts $10.00. Practice speaking without words with the documentary “Italian Hand Gestures”.

February 26 “Moose on the Loose” theatre trip to Sudbury. Ticket $55
Includes matinee show, dinner, meet and greet with North Bay actor Gerry Mendicino and bus transportation (courtesy of the Davedi Club).
Contact the to reserve for these events 705-474-4190.

Sandro Cipparrone
Benito Zimbalatti
Culture Committee Co-chairs


Sunday December 18, 2016

The Family Christmas Party was a great success. We had 250 people attending including around 40 children who met with Santa Claus. Thank you for this wonderful turn-out.

During supper, we honoured the following 6 people for their many years of volunteering with the Davedi Club over the years: Salvatore Giustra, Santo Scarfone, Giacinto Castrilli & Ladies Auxiliary members Rita Azzano, Nicolina Mascioli, Toni Schiavone.
I would like to thank those who were on the event committee and volunteers: Janet and Benito Zimbalatti, Louise and Joe Defonzo, Bonnie Beam, Sabrina Giustra, Erin Celebre, Sandro Cipparrone and Phillip Penna.

Dom Muratore
Event Committee Chair

New Year`s Celebration and Dance

As noted in the President’s Message, the New Year’s Eve Celebration was a success. We had about 140 people attending with a good mix of Davedi Club Members and the general public. The food was excellent, the music great, and everyone had a super time. We hope to repeat this again next year. If you were unable to attend 2016, then come on out in 2017. You will be glad you did and we would be happy to see you.
I would like to thank Jim Marmino, Dom Muratore, and Phillip Penna for their assistance.

Sandro Cipparrone
Event Chairperson


Happy new year to all Davedi Club members and families. In an effort to grow and promote Club membership, the board of directors have agreed to the following incentive for 2017 registration: All members in good standing in 2016, will have their 2017 membership fee waived, if they bring in two (2) new members to the club. More details to follow at the January members meeting.

Joseph Delfino
Membership Director


On December 13th. The Ladies Auxiliary had a Christmas Party. Cassandra Taylor (our Past-President) asked me to organize a small Christmas Pageant re-enacting the Nativity. I had a wonderful time working with, and would like to thank the following members of the Ladies Auxiliary: Nella Verardi (St. Joseph), Maria Caliciuri (The Blessed Virgin Mary), Sophie Dahiroc, Maria Gosselin, Pina Celebre, Donna Adams, Toni Schiavone, and Anna Perrotta (Shepherds).
I would also like to thank Joshua Pride who sang so beautifully and pianist Marilyn Sutherland who accompanied him. We all then sang Christmas Carols. It was a beautiful evening.

I want to thank all of you very much. Happy New Year
Cathy Fruci


I would like to wish everybody a happy new year! I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their generous support and participation in various sports-related events thats occurred during the 2016 year at the Davedi Club. I am excited to begin another year as sports chair and hope to provide our members and public new and exciting events.

Our first event of the year will be Saturday, February 4th at the Davedi Club. “Northland Wrestling” will have a live wrestling show from 5:00 P.M-8:00 P.M. The event will be $15.00 a person or 4 tickets for $50.00.

“Northland Wrestling” hopes to make the Davedi Club it’s new home for entertainment for the community. We also be hosting the Superbowl on February 5th at the Davedi Club. Details for the event will be posted on as well through Facebook and other social media.

As Sports Chair, it is my goal to have an event each month throughout the year! If you have any suggestions or wish to join a committee, please feel free to connect with me.

Thank you again!
Frank Ricciuti Sports Committee Chair

Ladies Auxiliary to the Davedi Club Spaghetti Supper
January 29 – February 19 – March 26

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