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March 2016



$13 per person
Please call the office to advise if you will be attending the dinner and meeting. 705-474-4190

My Dear Members:

I hope you and your families have all been well this past month.
I would like to thank all of you who responded to my previous message regarding our Davedi Club monthly General Supper Meetings. The turn-out for the February General Meeting was very good and we had a wonderful time. We hope this is a trend and that each month it gets better and better. I will make special mention of this months general meeting which is taking place on March 31st, encouraging each one of you, members of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Davedi Club and the regular Club members, to attend this important dinner meeting. As I said last time, please come, bring a friend, enjoy the fellowship, ask questions and bring your ideas forward.

Buona Pasqua,
Vince Orlando President

Don’t miss out on getting your 2016 membership! The deadline to register is March 31st. Contact the office to inquire about special youth/student membership pricing. We have a strong and diverse membership again this year and are always looking to expand and grow together as a family. Don’t forget about the Ladies Auxiliary who do great things for our Club and around our community. Come join in on the fun!

We would like to thank those who participated in the annual scopa tournament. This year, the final match- up was between Mario Perrotta and Frank Nucara. It was a close battle between the two combatants, however Mario Perrotta walked way as this years champ. Congratulations! Thank you to all that came for the eventful day.
The Davedi Club will be hosting Wrestlemania 32 on Sunday, April 3. More details to the event will be provided soon. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. This event is open to members as well as the public.

Moving forward, we are looking forward to setting up a Ping Pong tournament this spring as well as the Davedi Club Annual Golf Tournament in the summer.

Our 1st Division Soccer team is shaping up to be another competitive team. Team registration and final rosters will be confirmed in April.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.

Frank Ricciuti
Sports Director

Dominic Mancuso Group
Friday May 6th

The sensational Juno Award Winning Dominic Mancuso Group will come to the Davedi Club following a European tour. Dominic is a singer, musician, composer and producer from Toronto with roots in Italy playing Sicilian inspired music, jazz and folk.

Dinner at 5.30 $25 includes the show at 7 p.m. Tickets on sale now through the office.

“Mancuso possesses a fantastic and unique voice, supported by an equally excellent band. The audience loved it!”
Eric Lariviere

Benito Zimbalatti
Sandro Cipparone Co-Chairs

A few Italian proverbs:
A chi bene crede, Dio provvede.
A chi parla poco, gli basta la metà del cervello.
A goccia a goccia s’incava la pietra.
Check Italian_proverbs for more proverbs and full references

We celebrated International Women’s Day at our last meeting on March 8! And now as we jump into Spring we will be celebrating Easter at our next meeting. It will be a potluck meeting and I invite our Ladies to bring a friend and a snack to share. Our spaghetti supper will be a week early this month due to Easter, we’d love to see you either for dinner or to volunteer. We hope to see you there!

Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua!

Upcoming Events:
Spaghetti Dinner – Sunday, March 20
Ladies Auxiliary Meeting – Tuesday, April 12 @7pm – Potluck Snacks

Kay-Sea Taylor
President Ladies Auxiliary

You can mail or drop off your dues via cash or cheque to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Davedi Club. Questions can be directed to Mary Strobl 705-476-2652. Deadline for dues is March 31, 2016.

Uccellino venuto dal bosco, che piangendo fuggivi, cos’hai visto laggiù?
Ho veduto di sotto gli ulivi, sanguinare Gesù.
Uccellino venuto dal monte, che scappavi veloce, cos’hai visto lassù?
Ho veduto tre uomini in croce, ed in mezzo c’era Gesù.
Uccellino venuto dal piano, che cinguetti nel volo, cos’hai visto laggiù?
Ho veduto dal bianco lenzuolo, risvegliarsi Gesù.

Marzo pazzarello
Esce il sole e prendi l’ombrello
Io vi auguro di cuore
Una felice e Santa Pasqua

Cathy Fruci

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