May 2019



THURSDAY May 30 2019.


$13 for Davedi members,
Ladies Auxiliary members

President’s Message

Our Davedi Club is doing very well as a venue for events as attested by many positive comments received from customers. Heritage and Culture are at an all time high, deservedly so with many activites from the Culture and Ways and Means committees. For those who have missed out on events, please come out and enjoy yourselves with your family and friends and I guarantee evenings of Italian Pride in motion. Thank you to the Regular Members and Ladies Auxiliary Members. I’d like to congratulate you on keeping our Italian culture alive and well.

Ladies Auxiliary

Ciao a tutti, Augurii per la festa di mamme a tutti le donne di nostro club Davedi. Spero che la vostra giornata sarebbe una meravigliosa. Il nostro Spaghetti Supper di aprile è stato un grande successo e speriamo di avere una cena altrettanto riuscita la domenica il 26 maggio. Venite a mangiare e bere – una cena deliziosa italiana, e un bel bicchiere di vino.

Adesso tenete a mente la data del 29 maggio e venite a giocare carte. Vi faccio ricordare da portare le vostre carte e anche da formare le vostre gruppi avanti d’arrivare. Segue un pranzo con la pizza. Hello everyone

Happy Mothers’ Day to all the lovely lady members of the Davedi Club! May your day be filled with the love of family and the enjoyment of being pampered on your special day!!

April’s Spaghetti Supper was a great success and we look forward to an equally successful supper to be held Sunday, May 26th. Come out one and all!

On another note, ladies, grab your decks of cards and bring a friend, or two, to the club Wednesday, May 29 at 10:00 a.m. for a morning of playing your favourite card games. Remember that you need to form your own groups before arriving. Pizza lunch to follow.


Award Winning Italian movie:

The Talented Mr Ripley. In English. Filmed in Italy. “With Matt Damon’s unsettling performance offering a darkly teisted counterpoint to Anthony Minghella’s glossy direction, this is a suspense thriller that lingers.”
Other films in the series: May 31 A Great Beauty. June 28 A Special Day. Italian language films with English subtitles.


Do you like to sing? Are you interested in learning to sing Italian songs with Italian words? Want to sing with other family members and or friends? The Davedi’s VERDI CHOIR is looking for you. We have an intergenerational choir on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8 pm at the Davedi Club under the direction of Christine Saini. There is no cost involved to join and this choir is open to everyone in the community. 

Comedian Joe Cacchione: June 1 2019.

5.30 cocktails, 6.30 pasta dinner. 8.00p.m. show. Dinner and show $20.00.
Once he realized that everything should be taken with a sense of humor, being a comedian made sense. Joe Cacchione quickly realised that he was destined to be on stage and make people laugh, despite his parents’ countless efforts to lead him back on a more righteous path.What was the result? His career as a comedian coexists with his career as a high school principal… now that’s a trick in itself! His irresistible jokes have the ability to play down life’s problems whether performed in French, English, Italian or Spanish. Crowds of over 2000 people have attended his shows in Canada, the United States, France, Venezuela and Cuba with great enthusiasm. He will perform in North Bay in Italian and English as he does in the Italian Festivals in Toronto and Montreal.

Sandro Cipparone and Benito Zimbalatti,


On behalf of the marketing committee we are continuing to encourage members to send in any pictures they wish to share for the “Italian Pride Newsletter. We are hoping to get this finalized by the fall. Davedi Club has been very active on social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in regards to marketing.

We would like to extend our appreciation to both Angela and Sandro for their continued support on a daily basis. The committee would also like to recognize Anthony Ricciuti for his development of the Davedi Club website and keeping it up-to-date!

The marketing committee has been working closely with the cultural committee in promoting our comedy show coming up on June 1st starting at 6:30. If you are interested in attending the event that includes a dinner and stand-up comedian Joe Cacchione, please let us know.

Tickets for the dinner and show are only $20.00.

Frank Ricciuti & Robert Perrotta


The Davedi Club golf tournament will be on Sunday July 14th. More details to follow. The Davedi Club soccer team will also be participating in a 7-on-7 Tournament. The tournament is 2 days on Saturday May 25th and Sunday 26th at Nipissing University. Times of the games are TBD at

Anthony Nucara,

Ways and Means

We are having our family picnic on Sunday July 21, 2019. More info to come in the future bulletins

Domenic Muratore,


Che cosa e una mamma.
Della poesia di Francesco Pastonchi
Una mamma è come un albero grande
che tutti i suoi frutti ti da:
per quanti gliene domandi
sempre uno ne troverà.
Ti da il frutto, il fiore, la foglia,
per te di tutto si spoglia,
anche i rami si taglierà.
Una mamma è come un albero grande.
Una mamma è come una sorgente.
Più ne toglie acqua e più ne getta.
Nel suo fondo non vedi belletta:
sempre fresca, sempre lucente,
nell’ombra e nel sol è corrente.
Non sgorga che per dissetarti,
se arrivi ride, piange se parti.
Una mamma è come una sorgente.
Una mamma è come il mare.
Non c’è tesori che non nasconda,
continuamente con l’onda ti culla
e ti viene a baciare………….
Una mamma è questo mistero:
tutto comprende tutto perdona,
tutto soffre, tutto dona………

Thanks to Cathy Fruci, Ladies Auxiliary Culture

Up-coming events at the Davedi Club

  • Soccer 7 on 7 May 25 and 26
  • Spaghetti Supper May 26
  • Card games May 29 10a.m.
  • Film series: Friday May 31, 7p.m. Free to the community
  • Annual General Meeting May 30
  • Comedian Joe Cacchione: June 1. Dinner and show.
  • Ladies Auxiliary meeting: June 11
  • Golf Tournament June 14
  • General Meeting: June 27
  • Family Picnic July 21

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