Nancy Connor


Nancy retired in 2012, moving back to North Bay to be close to her siblings and take over a small rental business.

Born in Santo Stefano, Calabria, Italy, Nancy (Vincenzina) immigrated to Canada in 1960 aboard the Saturnia with her mother, Angela (Morabito) D’Agostino and three sisters Rosa, Domenica and Pina, to rejoin her father Rocco D’Agostino who immigrated to North Bay in 1958. A successful building construction/rental business coupled with a strong work ethic and the goal to succeed in educational studies, Rocco and Angela supported their children who all became professionals: four teachers (the girls), a university administrator/professor (Tony), a lawyer (C. John), and a dentist (Michael).

At age 16 Nancy proudly became a Canadian citizen. Graduating from Nipissing/Laurentian and the Faculty of Education, Nancy qualified to teach Primary, Junior and Intermediate level. She moved to Barrie to teach Core French for 6 years then regular classroom.

Nancy raised her son and daughter in Barrie. Sean Michael studied mechanical engineering and is employed at Robert B. Somerville in Edmonton. Stephanie Elisabeth, a Western graduate in Political Science, combines her interest in teaching with travel. She has taught English as a Second Language in South Korea. She plans to attend Teachers’ College in Australia. Nancy has travelled extensively throughout Canada, the Caribbean and much of Europe, with return trips to her beloved Italy, and she plans to visit her daughter in Australia.

Nancy volunteered as an usher (Capitol Centre). She attends St. Peter’s Church, is a lector, a choir member, and has facilitated both ‘Arise with Christ’ (North Bay) and Alpha (St. Mary’s Church, Barrie). She has also contributed to fund-raising for the hospice.

Nancy, believing in the power of Italian culture to bring people together, is a dedicated member of the Davedi Club. Having served as secretary for the Ladies’ Auxiliary Executive, she contemplates the role of President down the road. For now she is involved with planning and hands on activities, integral to the club’s success. She will work at the next Spaghetti Supper (November 28th) as well as co-convene the kitchen prepping for the Christmas Craft Show Cafe (November 8th and 9th).

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