Robert Perrotta


Rob Perotta is serious about volunteering for his Italian-Canadian club, the Davedi Club. As a child he loved Davedi suppers with meatballs (he still does) and watching soccer games (he still does). As an adult he grew to fully appreciate his Italian heritage and became more involved. He is currently Secretary to the Board.

Rob’s parents emigrated from Italy, his mother Francesca was born in the Southern Calabrian village of Podagoni and his father 200km north outside Cosenza. His father, Mario Luigi, might be the inspiration behind the names of the brothers in a famous video game!

Rob and his siblings, Paul, Steve and Julie, always had influences from Italian culture. At home he heard a unique language as family flipped back and forth between English, standard Italian and Calabrian dialects.  He finds North Bay’s Italian language is like a time capsule: dialects here have remained the same for decades since immigration, while dialects in Italy have been rapidly lost with the influence of the mainstream media in remote villages.


Rob and his wife Nadia (nee Brown) have a lovely baby daughter, Violet, one of the cutest tall babies ever. Rob sings Italian songs and lullabies to her or counts her off to sleep with soothing numbers in English, French and, yes, Italian. He also enjoys his wife’s culture, attending bagpipe parades and the Scottish festival in her hometown, Kincardine.
A past-president and founding member of Rotaract in 2009, Rob worked with other young people in community service, fundraising for local charities such as PADDLE, Cancer Society, and United Way.

Rob graduated from Scollard Hall and studied Marketing at the University of Guelph. He brought his talent and skills to the Davedi Club as Office Manager and has since worked for the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.
He was first recruited to the Club by his cousin, Frank Ricciuti, and ran many youth projects, soccer team, the original Facebook page, members lounge, wrestling events, and Tournaments for Ping Pong and Scopa.

Rob would like people to know that EVERYBODY IS WELCOME AT DAVEDI CLUB EVENTS AND CAN BECOME A MEMBER. A great start would be to come to an evening of great food and a show with local singer, Natalie Aquino on November 16th. Tickets are available by calling 705-474-4190.

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