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September 2017


Sep 27, 2017


$13 per person
Please call the office to advise if you will be attending the dinner and meeting.


This summer at the Davedi Club was a very busy one and good for business. We are looking forward to an amazing rest of the year. Thanks to all the involved members who make this club so successful. Special kudos to Sandro Cipparone who is doing a wonderful job in our office.

Vince Orlando,
President Davedi Club

Ladies Auxiliary President’s Message

Our Ladies Auxiliary have truly been working extra hard these past couple of months and will continue for this next month in preparation for our 54th annual convention coming up on Sept 30, Oct. 1st & 2nd. A huge “THANK YOU” goes out to Nella Verardi for organizing and keeping her teams in order. Nella’s team started out with three ladies. She lost her main helper and best friend when Adele Williams passed away. Then her second helper Sue Lunnin moved away, and then there was one. Nella’s famous words are “One cannot succeed with these large projects without all these good workers behind you”. That is very true Nella. This is proven over and over again with all the women who continue to stand behind any person who heads our many projects. Not only are we working on our convention, but our spaghetti suppers which will be on Sunday Sept. 24th nd Sunday Ocotber 29th, our craft show coming up on Nov. 4th and 5th, bake sale on December 3rd, not to mention getting prepared for our elections in October.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all you wonderful ladies who participate and truly make our club a success. For those of you who feel that you do not have time or are a little shy to volunteer, won‘t you please give it a second thought as we have many projects and many warm-hearted women here to welcome you. Don’t miss the beautiful experience of getting to know all these wonderful people in our club.

Joke of the Day: There is a story of a pastor who got up one Sunday and announced to his congregation: “I have good news and bad news. The good news is, we have enough money to pay for our new building program. The bad news is, it’s still out there in your pockets.”

Keep happy and healthy,

Lena Fedeli
President Ladies Auxiliary

Northern Ontario Italian Ladies Auxiliaries (NOILA) Convention

The Davedi Ladies Auxiliary is welcoming ladies from the Italian Canadian Clubs of Northern Ontario to North Bay: Società Caruso di Sudbury, Porcupine Dante Club, Società Italiana di Copper Cliff, Guglielmo Marconi Society of Sault Sainte Marie.
NOILA convention schedule (Registrations for the convention are now closed.)
September 29: 6.00p.m. Dinner, Fellowship and Skits (Theme is the Roaring Twenties)
September 30: 9.00 a.m. Breakfast, followed by the General Meeting. 5.30 p.m. Cocktails, Dinner, Bursary Presentations, Guest Speaker Donna Backer, Dance
October 1: 9.00 Mass at St Peters followed by Brunch and Closing Ceremonies.

Nella Verardi

Ways and Means

Grape Stomping Festival

Friday October 20 2017. Evening agenda: Cocktails 5.30. Buffet Dinner 6.30. Grape Stomping Parade. Dancing 9 p.m.DJ and photo booth by Johnny Miller. Tickets $30 tax included

Dominic Muratore and Board Committee

Sports Committee

The sports committee would like to thank all of our Men’s Second Division soccer players for their strong effort this year! We are looking forward to next year!

The Davedi Club hosted another sold out wrestling show in August. The event featured TV celebrity Jerry O’Connell who made international footage of the Davedi Club on TMZ!

With fall coming, we are hoping to provide our members and public with more fun and exciting sports events before Christmas. Please stay tuned on our official website as well as through our social media Facebook page.

Frank Ricciuti,


Movie: Tosca the great Puccini opera with Placido Domingo
Friday October 27
6.00 Pizza supper $10. 7.00 Opera free admission.
Call 705-474-4190 to reserve supper.

History: November 10. Celebrating the Italian contributions to North Bay:
Italy to Canada
Featuring the stories of Jim Marmino, Santo and Anna Scarfone.
6.00p.m. dinner tickets $20. Cash bar.
With thanks to Sylvia Antinozzi for the videos.
For members families and friends. Call the Club to reserve dinner tickets.

Sandro Cipparone Benito Zimbalatti,

Up-coming events

Friday Lunch Buffet
Mamma Davedi Frozen Food
September 24, October 29, November 26: Ladies Auxiliary Spaghetti Supper
October 27 2017 Movies: Tosca
6.00 Pizza Supper $10. 7.00 Movie free admission.
November 4 and 5: Ladies Auxiliary Craft Show
November 10 History from Italy to Canada
Dinner 6.00 p.m. $30.00
Friday October 20. Grape Stomping Festival: Dinner 6.30 p.m.
Sunday December 17 2017 Family Christmas Party
Dec ember 3 Ladies Auxiliary bake sale
December 16 Davedi Club small business Christmas Parties
December 31 2017 New Years Eve Party

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